Careers & Employment

"Community spirit thrives within and outside the bank. A spirit of camaraderie among employees is strong and edifying, fostering a sense of pride to be working with such a great team." --BOAA manager

At Bank of Ann Arbor, it's all about the team. Working together, we've created one of the most profitable and efficiently run community banks in the United States. On our team, there are no benchwarmers or spectators. All are in the game every day, practicing to perfect while relying on each other.

Our team members live by three key values at Bank of Ann Arbor.

Collaboration. We recognize that our success has come because we work together as a highly skilled team. Our strength comes from an interdependence upon each other.

Culture. We treat each other with respect, trust and appreciation. While sharing a little fun, we create a powerful experience for our coworkers, clients and our community. We value our employees and their contributions. We provide an environment that welcomes new ideas and encourages our employees to develop both professionally and personally.

Community. Our efforts are focused on the development of our community of non-profit partners, individuals and businesses. Our success is measured on the health and wellbeing of our community partners.

"Great community of employees. Excellent work ethic across the board. We truly feel as a team working toward a common goal with mutual respect for everyone involved." --BOAA team member

Our team members enjoy an attractive benefit package so they can go "all in" day after day.

Health insurance. We offer both a Traditional PPO and High Deductible Health Plan.

Wellness program. Our award-winning nationally recognized Workplace Wellness Program provides our team the resources they need to live the healthiest lifestyle and save on health insurance in the process.

Dental and vision insurance. Affordable coverage helps our team smile brightly and see clearly.

401(k) retirement savings. With a generous employer match, BOAA team members can build their savings for retirement. We have over 50 fund choices through our program administered by Fidelity Investments.

Life and disability insurance. Our team members can rest comfortably knowing they have employer-provided protection for many of life's unfortunate events.

Time off. Consistent with our belief that diversified personal interests contribute to the enjoyment and the enrichment of living, Bank of Ann Arbor provides all team members with paid time off to pursue family and personal activities, as well as handle personal and family emergencies.

Banking benefits. How about free checking, free safe deposit boxes, free checks, our best deal on personal loans and much more? We think working at the best local bank in town should have some great perks. So if it means Snoopy or NASCAR checks float your boat, then enjoy.