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Bank of Ann Arbor's Technology Industry Group provides a full range of banking and investment management products to emerging and later-stage technology and life sciences companies, venture capital firms, angel investors and entrepreneurs. We are working to build Michigan's 21st century economy by providing banking products and services to help innovation-based businesses succeed and by partnering with like-minded individuals, businesses, organizations, and universities.

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The greater Ann Arbor region is Michigan's center of university research, angel investment, venture capital and entrepreneurship. For over a decade, Bank of Ann Arbor has made technology and life science business leadership part of our business mission.

Our unique focus has enabled the bank to help build the region's innovation-business ecosystem as the founder of the Ann Arbor Angels group, a founding member of Ann Arbor Spark and the Michigan Venture Capital Association, and as one of the longest supporters of the University of Michigan Growth Capital Symposium. We work alongside these and many other organizations to help build great companies in Michigan, across a wide range of innovation sectors.

Michigan's Leading Innovation Sectors

  • Advanced Manufacturing, Automotive Technology and Defense
  • Information Technology
  • Life Sciences, Medical Devices and Healthcare
  • Cleantech and Environmental Engineering
  • Innovation Business Services
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity

The Technology Industry Group is focused on serving the financial needs of our region's technology and life science business community. Our business approach is relationship based. We work with entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers and business executives from start-up throughout the entire business lifecycle and beyond. Decades of experience in the sector with companies at every stage of the business lifecycle provide unique insight into the needs and opportunities of our clients' businesses. The combination of experience, industry focus and local decision-making enables Bank of Ann Arbor to provide more than standardized banking services.

Venture Debt

Venture debt offers a low-cost method for companies to leverage venture capital investments to get more out of their equity dollars. These types of loans are available to venture-backed start-ups and growth companies that do not have positive cash flows or significant assets to use as collateral, providing them with extra time and resources needed to reach major product or customer milestones. The achievement of important milestones can often provide real uplift in valuation and significantly reduce dilution at the next venture capital financing round.

Venture Leasing

Venture leasing, like venture debt, offers a low-cost alternative to additional equity for early stage growth companies. These types of loans are used by venture-backed companies to purchase equipment ranging from office furniture and personal computers to advanced manufacturing machinery.

SaaS Lending

Companies that provide customers with software as a service (SaaS) often are cash-flow challenged due to the monthly billing cycle nature of their business. Bank of Ann Arbor SaaS financing provides a way to monetize the recurring nature of these monthly payments as well as an opportunity to off load the processing of monthly invoices and collections.

Commercial Finance

The Bank of Ann Arbor Technology Industry Group works with later stage innovation-based businesses to provide a full suite of traditional commercial loans, including working capital lines, term loans, commercial real estate mortgages, SBA loans, tax-exempt issuances, letters of credit and loan syndications. Although these loans are more traditional in nature, our industry expertise and local decision making provides a more customized solution process and personalized experience.

Equipment Finance

UniFi Equipment Finance is a Bank of Ann Arbor wholly owned subsidiary. UniFi provides direct purchase, vendor, and product sales equipment lease financing throughout the United States. Transaction sizes range from $20,000 to $2 million. Financing is provided for a broad range of asset types including software.

Business Banking

Bank of Ann Arbor's Technology Industry Group offers our business clients a unique high-touch banking experience with all the digital age benefits including: Checking/MMA accounts, online business banking, bill pay, mobile, domestic & international wires, ACH, lockbox, positive pay, HSAs, EasyDeposit © remote, and credit & debit cards.

Private Banking

The Private Banking Group works with high net worth innovation community individuals and health care businesses.

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Banking By Industry

$260 million: Our tech industry group's portfolio at year-end 2018

$260 million: Our tech industry group's portfolio at year-end 2018